Address: 17 Frith St, W1D 4RG (MAP)
Transport: Tube: Leicester Square (Northern and Piccadilly Line). Tottenham Court Road (Northern and Central Line): Buses.
Website: www.cevicheuk.com. Follow them on Twitter.
Price: ££

The food. Don’t be fooled by the name, there’s much more than ceviche in this fantastic Peruvian restaurant in Frith St. The menu is composed by several dishes to share, from classic Peruvian recipes to more experimental efforts. The portions are supposed to be small but some of them were bigger than I expected. In fact, they suggested 3 or 4 plates per person and we ended up ordering more food than we could possibly eat. The good news is that we could try a lot of the extraordinary options from their menu. The ceviches were, without a doubt, my favourite part, especially the Sakura, which was refreshing and incredibly tasty. But there were a lot of amazing things on the menu, like the incredible lomo saltado (beef filet), the gorgeous corn savoury cake or the causa (salmon tartar with spicy mash potato), just to name a few. Everything was eclectic, surprising and incredibly rich! The menu has plenty of great vegetarian options too. They do accept reservations, which is absolutely necessary if you’re planning to go during the weekend.

The place. It’s quite small and the tables are very close, which makes the atmosphere very noisy and the space not as comfortable as it could be. And that’s a pity, because I think the restaurant is lovely and it could improve a lot with a better organisation. We went during the weekend and it was full of fancy people from Soho who were there mostly for the drinks. So yeah, it was very noisy.

The service. After some confusion with a waiter that was a bit lost, the service was pretty good, thanks to the lovely girl who gave us the menus and took note of our order. She was really helpful and friendly. They are extremely fast, which is great, but all the food came almost at the same time and the dinner was not as relaxed as I hoped! Literally there was not space on our table when they brought all the food.

The value. 6 different small plates and a couple of beers for £25-30, which is not a bad price, although I have to admit I found some of the plates a bit overpriced. If they just could take care of the space a bit more it would be perfect, because the quality of the food was phenomenal and the service was very good too. Would I come back? Absolutely! I can’t wait, but next time I’ll try to avoid the crowds of Soho during the weekend.


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